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Has been married four times (Three Divorced, One Deceased)
Named after his Father
Has a Younger Sister (Living)*
Killed by Ari Haswari
Newest Member of the Team
Current Director of NCIS
Has a Stuffed (Farting) Hippo named Bert
NCIS's Current Medical Examiner
Father's name is Jasper
Turned down a position as a team leader in Rota, Spain
NCIS's Current Assistant Medical Examiner
NCIS's Former Assitant Medical Examiner
Has a Younger Sister (Deceased)*
One of the dogs their mother owns is named Tyson
Met future spouse at a train station in Stillwater, Pennsylvania
Pseudonym; Thom E. Gemcity
Born and raised in New Orleans
Failed a fencing class in college
Along with DiNozzo, this character was sent to the middle east in 'In the Zone'
The original 'Probie'
Known as 'Corporal Punishment'
She is the daughter of the man who killed Shannon and Kelly Gibbs
'Committed Suicide' in Prison after being accused of leaking secret information to the mafia
The Agent who sat behind Kate, and was later killed in 'Dead Man Talking'
The dog who was accused of murdering his owner and is currently McGee's dog
The name of the character who was based off the first man killed in the episode 'Cover Story'
Made out with a pre-op transvestite
The Agent who assisted Abby with forensics in only one episode
The 'dog' who was described by DiNozzo as 'She's a Shih Tzu. She has long, brown hair and she's kinda mangy.'
While on Pain Killers, this character stated, 'My Fingers are Finging'
Once worked at a bank
The couple that Tony and Ziva went undercover as in 'Under Covers'
Hid things in a record player as a child
The Agent who appeared in the two episodes of JAG as a part of the team, but never on NCIS
According to Tony, 'The Sound of Music' confuses this person
Trying to get McGee's attention, Abby says, 'I'm pregnant, McGee. I haven't told the father yet. It's ...' this person.
Who was Abby describing when she said this, 'You're like a piercing. It takes a while for the throbbing to stop and the skin to grow back.'
Abby learned sign language because these two people are deaf (The Generic Answer)
The first person to make a movie reference
The name of the dog who was said by Gibbs to 'be able to sense sarcasm'

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