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JD has a conversation with a character in an elevator, ending with the line, 'Dead People Should Be Dead!' Who said this line?Doug Murphy
His Story IV is in which characters prespectiveBob Kelso
Who said this, when referring to a Magic Eight Ball: 'I once asked it if I should crack it open and drink all of the liquid inside, I basically puked blue for a week'Chris Turk
What is JD's self proclaimed 'Prison Name'?Gizmo
Finish this Lyric: 'Do you have a hemorrhoid or is it rectal cancer? When you flush your dookie down...''You flush away the answer!'
What is #1 on Elliot's Speed Dial?The Constipation Hotline
When JD stated that both him and Sean had slept with the same women, they had become...Weiner Cousins
The One Hundredth EpisodeMy Way Home
In the Season Seven Finale, a line from a famous Romance/Adventure movie is parodied by the Great Knight (Dr. Cox) What movie is the line from?The Princess Bride
What Hospital to JD transfer to after he wanted to be closer to Sam?St.Vincents
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'House' Star to be Play an Ailing Patient who later passes away (Will Accept Character's Name)Peter Jacobson (Chris Taub)
The line in which Jack, Jordan and Perry's son, says after Jordan finds out she is pregnant with her second child.I pooped in my bed so I put it on the TV
Name of the Song Turk and JD beat boxed to when trying to gloat about an impossible diagnosisThe Theme Song, I'm no Superman
JD's First Girl's NameSusan
Name of the Baby whose birth was filmed by JD, and was deleted by accident due to a mix up with tapesCharlie
Name in which an elderly racist patient called CarlaNurse Fajita
Name of the Patient who died from a kidney transplant, in which the kidney's were infected with rabies.Dave Bredford
Towards the middle of season one, JD is dating a beautiful social worker named Alex. What is the name of the actress who played Alex?Elizabeth Bogush
JD tampers with the shift schedule by writing 'Al Coholic' in the place of a doctors name. When the board is shown again, what name was in it's place?Dr. Ass Face
Who is the actor who plays the young JD?Cody Estes

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