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What???Extra Help
'King of the Jungle'Roar
42+97-12=Just Maths
A Violin StringThink Letters
Top Scorer in the 08/09 Football Season (all Competitions)Scored over
Finished 4th in the 09/10 Premier League SeasonNorth Londoners
A Famous WWII Fighter PlaneSupermarine
Country beginning with Y
Capital City of India
What???Extra Help
Famous make of car beginning with FChoose a type of F1 Car or a Road Car
An exotic 'mythical' fruitIt is a riddle
Conquered England in 1066Battle of Hastings
If it hits you leg before the wicket it is anThink Cricket
Hosts of the 2010 World CupBafana Bafana
DohA popular TV cartoon character
A popular time traveller

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