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What was the question?The first one of all time
Who was the Doctors first companion?The first episode was named after her
What year did the Doctor become human?He was with Martha
Where did the Doctor keep his life as a Time Lord when he became human?It was held by a human
Who was the 'Girl in the Fireplace'?She's of some royalty
Who is the owner of K-9?Also the owner of Mr. Smith
What happened to the last Slitheen?From the help of the TARDIS
Who were the Times Lords at war with?They have no emotion
In a different dimension, who was rose? color
How many people was Rose infatuated with?She REALLY liked them
In which episode did the Doctor and Martha try to save the Master and Chantho without knowing he was the Master?The Newborns
Who, besides the Doctor, was the man that never dies?He becomes the Doctor's companion for a short time
What year did the actual show start?The very first season
What did the Doctor tell River before they touched?It wasn't really his name
What episode does Amy find out that Mel is her daughter?Everyone would've liked to have done this

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