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Can you name the Lost characters that died on the island during Season 5?

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EpisodeCharacterHow They Died
The LieShot by a flaming arrow.
The LieKilled by a knife in the chest thrown by Locke.
JugheadHas his neck snapped by 'Jones'.
This Place Is DeathKilled by the smoke monster.
This Place Is DeathShot in the head by Rousseau.
This Place Is DeathKilled by a brain haemorrhage caused by the time shifts.
NamasteImpaled by a tree branch in the landing of Ajira Flight 316.
Dead Is DeadShot in the chest by Ben.
The VariableShot from behind by Eloise Hawking.
Follow the LeaderShot by Sayid.
The Incident, Part 2Impaled by a rebar from the Swan construction site.
The Incident, Part 2Stabbed multiple times by Ben, then kicked into a fire.

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