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Which actor played Sayid Jarrah (as an adult)?
Who was Sayid's wife (off the island)?
What was the name of Sayid's brother?
Which other survivor did Richard capture with Sayid in 'There's No Place Like Home, Part 1'?
Name somebody that was killed by Sayid (excluding flash-sideways).
What was Sayid's candidate number?
Name a Sayid centric episode.
Who was Sayid's romantic interest on the island?
Who accompanied Sayid on his mission to rescue Aaron from Rousseau?
Which DHARMA initiative member was described to Sayid as 'our you'?
Which two other survivors stayed behind at the camp with Sayid to blow up the dynamite when the Others raided the beach camp?
How many episodes of Lost was Sayid in?
Which Other did Sayid shoot as a child?
Who did Sayid drown in the temple spring?
Who captured Sayid to force him onto Ajira flight 316?
How many seasons of Lost was Sayid in?
In what year did Sayid die?
What object was the cause of Sayid's death?
In what location did Sayid die?
In which episode did Sayid die?

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