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Which actor played Nikki Fernandez?
Which actor played Paulo?
In which episode did Nikki and Paulo first appear?
Which 'Star Wars' actor co-starred with Nikki in the show 'Exposé'?
What was the name of Nikki's role on 'Exposé'?
What was the name of Paulo's employer?
What was Paulo's profession?
What was the name of Nikki and Paulo's centric episode?
In which DHARMA station did Paulo hide the diamonds?
Who tells Nikki and Paulo (as well as Locke, Sayid and Desmond) that 'you're next'?
Which character asked Paulo to borrow a golf club off him?
How many seasons of Lost was Nikki in?
How many seasons of Lost was Paulo in?
From which survivor did Nikki get the Medusa Spider from?
Which survivor was the initial suspect in Nikki and Paulo's deaths?
What was Nikki's last word?
In which year did Nikki and Paulo die?
In what episode did Nikki and Paulo die?
What was the method of Nikki and Paulo's death?
How many episodes of Lost were Nikki and Paulo in (each)?

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