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Name a Mr Eko centric episode.
Which actor played Mr Eko (as an adult)?
In which episode did Mr Eko first appear?
What was the name of Mr Eko's brother?
What was Mr Eko smuggling inside the Virgin Mary statues?
Name one of the children Mr Eko carried to shore after the plane crash.
Who was the 'miracle girl' that Mr Eko was sent to investigate?
How many Others did Mr Eko kill when they first attacked the Tailies' camp?
Which character did Mr Eko find the Pearl Station with?
Who helped Mr Eko find Michael after he ran off to find Walt?
How many seasons of Lost was Mr Eko in?
Which other survivor helped Mr Eko try and stop Locke and Desmond running down the hatch timer to zero?
Which DHARMA station did Mr Eko and the other tailies find?
In what object did Mr Eko find part of the orientation film?
How many episodes of Lost was Mr Eko in?
What was the bearing that Locke took off Eko's stick after his death?
In what year did Mr Eko die?
What were Mr Eko's last words?
Who killed Mr Eko?
In which episode did Mr Eko die?

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