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Can you name the answers to the questions about Lost's Juliet Burke?

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Who played Juliet Burke (as an adult)?
In which episode did Juliet first appear?
What was the name of Juliet's sister?
What language (other than English) can Juliet speak?
What was the name of Juliet's ex-husband?
Name a Juliet centric episode.
Which Other recruited Juliet to the island?
What was the name of the baby that Juliet delivered in 1977?
What was Juliet's 'all-time favorite book'?
What organ did Juliet have to remove from Jack?
Which Other did Juliet shoot in order to allow Sawyer and Kate to escape Hydra Island?
Which character dislocated Juliet's arm in 'Left Behind'?
Which Other was Juliet romantically involved with?
What was Juliet's job in the DHARMA initiative?
Which DHARMA employee hit Juliet to get Sawyer to say where Kate had gone?
How many seasons of Lost was Juliet in?
What year did Juliet die in?
Which DHARMA station was the site of Juliet's death?
In which episode did Juliet die?
Who was the only witness of Juliet's death?

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