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Can you name the answers to the questions about Lost's Daniel Faraday?

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Who played Daniel Faraday (as an adult)?
Which episode marked Daniel's first appearance?
What was the name of Daniel's father?
What was the name of Daniel's mother?
What university did Daniel attend?
How old was Daniel at the time of his death?
What was the name of Daniel's girlfriend (off-island)?
In what year was Daniel visited by Desmond (off-island)?
What was the name of Daniel's centric episode?
What was the name of the freighter that Daniel came to the island on?
Who was going to be Daniel's constant if anything went wrong?
What was the name of the DHARMA station that Daniel and Charlotte went to in order to render the toxic gas inert?
What was the name of the bomb that Daniel examined in 1954?
What was Daniel's phrase regarding past events and time travel?
Which DHARMA member did Daniel shoot (non-lethally)?
What animal did Daniel use for his consciousness transporting experiments?
Who was Daniel's love interest on the island?
What year was Daniel killed in?
How many seasons of Lost was Daniel in?
Who shot and killed Daniel?

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