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Can you name the answers to the questions about Lost's Boone Carlyle?

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Who was the actor that played Boone?
Who was Boone's stepsister?
What was the name of Boone's mother?
How many years old is Boone at the beginning of the series?
What was Boone's job as a teenager?
Who did Boone see in the police station whilst trying to rescue Shannon?
What was the name of Boone's nanny?
What occasion was Boone's mother's business centred around?
What did Jack tell Boone to go and find on their first day on the island?
Who did Boone try to save from drowning on day 6?
Who did Boone look for Claire with after she was taken by Ethan?
What was the name of Boone's centric episode?
How did Boone say he felt after he hallucinated Shannon's death?
Who did Boone give water to first after he stole the water supply to ration it?
Did Boone stay at the beach or go to the caves after Jack discovered the caves?
Who did Boone communicate with using the drug runner radio?
How many seasons was Boone in?
Who spoke at Boone's funeral after Shannon was unable to?
In which episode did Boone die?
Who was born as Boone died?

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