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Chris Sarandon & Roddy McDowallTom Holland
Cary Elwes & Tom WaitsFrancis Ford Coppola
David Arquette & Hillary SwankFran Rubel Kuzui
Daniel Baldwin & James WoodsJohn Carpenter
Scott Speedman & Bill NighyLen Wiseman
Dan Hedaya & Catherine DeneuveTony Scott
Traci Lords & Stephen DorffStephen Norrington
Danny Trejo & Tom SaviniRobert Rodriguez
Edward Hermann & Jami GertzJoel Schumacher
Christian Slater & Thandie NewtonNeil Jordan
Gustav von Wangenheim & Max SchreckF.W. Murnau
Helenn Chandler & Bela LugosiTod Browning
Ron Perlman & Kris KristoffersonGuillermo del Toro
Frank Moore & Marilyn ChambersDavid Cronenberg
Peter Facinelli & Taylor LautnerCatherine Hardwicke

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