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SPOILER WARNING! Can you name the Avengers: Endgame Characters?

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Role or Important MomentCharacter
Lifted Mjolnir and a Shield
Snapped fingers; dusted Thanos and his army
Snapped fingers; resurrected the people who were dusted in 2018.
Wields Mjolnir and Stormbreaker
Sacrafices herself for the soul stone
Finds the gauntlet after the Destruction of Avengers HQ
Dons two different Iron Suits
Comes up with the plan to go back in time
Helps build the time machine; rejoins the Guardians
Her past self brings Thanos to the future
Destroys Thanos' ship
Enters with her King; kills some Outriders
Enters with his colleague; first to form a shield.
Dons an Iron Suit and works back to back with her husband.
Gets killed by Noobmaster69
Gives Hulk the time stone
Disappears with the Tesseract
Snapped fingers; Did nothing
Leads Black Widow and Hawkeye to the Soul Stone
Leads the charge back into the fight in 2023
2013 version helps fight Thanos; goes missing at the end of the
Fights Outriders; Wants to be the leader of the Guardians
Fights Outriders; Can stand so still he becomes invisible
Fights Outriders; rejoins the Guardians
Fights Outriders; Wants a knife fight; Rejoins Guardians
Role or Important MomentCharacter
Fights Outriders; saves Iron Man; Activates Instant Kill Mode
Greets Spiderman back at school
Fights Outriders; first to see old Steve
Becomes the new Captain America; 'On your left'
Helps restart the van; Fights Outriders
Has the Pym Particles in the 70s
Talks to Tony at the military base
Lives with Steve after the final battle
Returns for Iron Man's funeral; Gets Captain Marvel to return to Earth
Returns for Iron Man's funeral; a trusted Shield Agent
Becomes the queen of Asgard
Helps Thanos realize that there are two Nebulas in 2013
Fights the heroes; gets snapped
Fights the heroes; gets snapped
Fights the heroes; gets snapped
Helps Thor with his losses
Gives 2023 Cap the Scepter
Enters with his trusted army; carries the gauntlet at some point
Enters with her king brother
Enters with his king best friend
'I love you 3000'
Nearly kills Thanos in avenging Vision
Helps Ant Man realize that a long time has passed
Last cameo of the MCU
Comes back for Iron Man's funeral; gets Morgan a cheeseburger

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