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Action, Alien, Arnold1987
Betrayal, Brewers, Black Suits1992
Captured, Calrissian, Cloud City1980
Detective, Dolphin, Dan Marino1994
Electronics, Erection, E-bay2005
Fun, Ferrari, Froman1986
Glass, Gennaro, Gruber1988
Honor, Hector, Heel2004
Isolated, Island, Imaginary Friend2000
Jungle, Journey, Jones1981
Killer, Kids, Kintner1975
Lynda, Laurie, Loomis1978
Mob, Make Up, Magic Trick2008
Nixon, Nuke, Nite Owl2009
Outerspace, Oil Rig, Owen Wilson1998
Patient, Psychiatrist, Prot2001
Quill, Quirrell, Quidditch2001
Rebellion, Rules, Robert Paulson1999
Shifting, Syringe, Shell Beach1998
Teen, Therapy, Time Travel2001
Underwater, Undercover, Utah1991
Vandalism, Vigilante, V2005
Weapons, Weaving, Wesley2008
x, X, xander2002
Yuck, Yakuza, Yellow, 2003
Zap, Zener Cards, Zuul1984

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