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#1'...part Chuck Norris, part Evel Knievel, part John Wayne, and part Daniel Craig.'
#2'...only (he) had Marilyn.'
#3'Smart, funny, and have you seen him with his shirt off?'
#4'...tall, gentlemanly, and he wrote the Declaration of Independance.'
#5'He's like Johnny Depp, but without as much to show for himself.'
#6'When (he) enters the room, the party starts.'
#7'Great one-night-stand material for all the same reasons that he was a terrible president.'
#8'Rich, good-looking, charistmatic, and sensitive...'
#9'...this guy was also a movie star. There's also hard evidence that Nancy was a freak in her younger days.'
#10'The tallest president at six-foot-four, (he) was a successful lawyer [and] a great conversationalist.'
#11'...tall, a war hero, and rode a white horse.'
#12'...a quiet distinguished air about him. Kind of like Mario Lopez.'
#13'...elder and younger have almost the same face, so it would be wrong of us to place him too far from his progeny.'
#14'...not to mention that his nickname was 'Old Rough and Ready.''
#15'...you can't deny that the man had a nice chin dimple.'
#16'Tall, fatherly, and only a little bit creepy.'
#17'With a bulbous nose, a chin that seems to recede into his neck and a weird hairline, (he) is almost awkward to look at.'
#18'Not bad-looking, but his face doesn't hide the fact that he was a degenerate drunk.'
#19'...the goofy-looking guy with a great personality.'
#20'(He's) like an ex-boyfriend you stayed friends with: looking back, you realize it wasn't so bad.'
#21'(He) has a certain air about him, but still, the 'S' doesn't stand for 'Sexiness.''
#22'(He) was impeached largely for being unpopular, so you have to imagine he was obnoxious as hell.'
#23'If you find older men sexy but like them very thin, (he's) your man.'
#24'(He) was like Jersey Shore: jocky and dumb, but you can't look away.'
#25'(He) was the Clint Eastwood of presidents, but he loses serious points for the whole genocide thing.'
#26'...he has to get a little credit for having been assassinated.'
#27''...looks strangely like the father from Everybody Loves Raymond, although you really have to admire the muttonchops.'
#28'...not a very attractive man, but he rocked some outrageous muttonchops.'
#29'(His) huge forehead and stern demeanor remind us of a high-school principal.'
#30'The strong, silent type... in an off-putting, 'please don't make my skin into a lampshade' kind of way.'
#31'Sure he's the father of the Constitution, but he was only five-foot-four.'
#32'(He) botched Reconstruction [...] He also had a stupid beard.'
#33'A giant, white-haired baby.'
#34'He's ugly, he knows it, and he doesn't care.'
#35'The puckered old-man face is a turn-off, but causing the Great Depression is worse.'
#36'Luckily for him, the Darwin Awards were still over a century away from their inception.'
#37'He gave us most of the legal principles we value dearly, but he did not do New England proud in the looks department.'
#38'...looks like an angrier, skinnier, balder version of his father.'
#39'...the only man to serve two non-consecutive terms, thereby screwing up the numbering system.'
#40'Very few have ever fantasized about (him), possibly because most people have forgotten he existed.'
#41'He had a face like putty and a dour look only a banker could love.'
#42'...out of all the presidents, he definitely bore the strongest resemblance to Garfield the cat.'
#43'The receding brow, the virulent racism, the opposition to everything sexy about the '60s...'

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