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Any molecule that aids an enzyme by being used as a substrate in one step of a metabolic pathway, and then regenerated as a product in a later step in that pathway
A metabolic process that builds complex molecules
Type of chemical reaction that releases stored free energy
A metabolic process that breaks down complex molecules
Any substance that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction
The pairing of an exergonic and an endergonic reaction so that the energy released by the exergonic reaction can provide the energy needed for the endergonic reaction to occur
An enzyme inhibitor that does not resemble the substrate and slows down the reaction by binding to an allosteric site and changing the shape of the enzyme
A biological catalyst, usually a protein
The energy required to start a chemical reaction
Region in an enzyme where an enzymatic reaction takes place
An enzyme inhibitor that resembles the substrate, and slows down the reaction by occupying the active site
Model of enzyme-substrate interaction where the binding of the substrate leads to a change in the shape (tertiary structure) of the enzyme
Type of chemical reaction stores free energy
Any molecule that is acted upon by an enzyme
A process where the product of a multi-step metabolic pathway inhibits an enzyme used near the beginning of the process

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