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For each hint, determine whether it is an example of Inductive or Deductive reasoning

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Forced Order
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Studying for quizzes causes people to get better grades; thus if I study for tomorrow's quiz, I will get a better grade
When I wore my hat inside out, my favorite team won the game; thus, wearing my hat inside out causes my team to win games
Because bunnies only come on my lawn at night, I predict there will be no bunnies on my lawn at noon today
Every time I tie my right shoe first, it doesn't rain; thus tying my right shoe first causes it not to rain
Every time I pet my cat, it starts to purr; thus petting cats causes them to purr
Stepping on cracks in the sidewalk brings bad luck; because I stepped on a crack today, I will have bad luck
Every time I watch funny cat videos on the internet, I feel better; thus watching a funny cat video right now will make me feel better
I ate oysters, and then got sick later on; I conclude that oysters make me sick
Horse X has won every race he has run on grass; thus I predict he will win tomorrow's race at the grass track
Every time I find bunnies on my front lawn, it is night time. Thus, bunnies only come on my lawn at night.

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