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god of the skyeasy
her gaze turns you to stoneeasy
god of the seaeasy
father of zeuseasy
queen of the godseasy
this beast can regrow headseasy
the ... wareasy
the minotaur is locked in the ...easy
the blacksmith godeasy
A nature spiritEasy
The ferrymen of the deadEasy
Homer's first epicEasy
The worst place in hadesEasy
What colour thesius was supposed to fly his sailesEasy
Instead of zeus cronus got fed a ...Easy
She got captured by hadesEasy
god of wareasy
The lair of the ... EatersMedium
his weak spot is his anklemedium
A nymph who can only repeat what others sayMedium
Goddess of the home and hearthMedium
The wife of perseusMedium
has a pack of immortal huntersmedium
Is in love with his reflectionMedium
king midas had the ears of a ...medium
The witch that turned odysseus's men into pigsMedium
everything king midas touched turned to ...medium
star of homers second epicmedium
Athena turned her into the first spiderMedium
hercules's cloak is made of the skin of a ...medium
The sailors of the argo are known as the ...Medium
This architects son and nephew are both dead because of himMedium
He is forced to hold up the worldMedium
The mother of zeusMedium
artemis's twinmedium
mother earths name is ...hard
hermes staffhard
winner of the golden applehard
this god gave odysseus 'holy moly'hard
The super fast, princessHard
The only hero to ever become a major godHard
this alone remained in pandoras boxhard
this brother drew the short strawhard
Before time there was just ...Hard
The titan who stole fire and gave it to mankindHard
His name meens ...Hard
The fairest of all menHard
this artist sculpted his wifehard

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