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Forced Order
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God of the suneasy
the god of the son rides the sun ...easy
the goddess of the sky iseasy
the god of the ground is easy
Ra was born from the sea of easy
Horus is the ... godeasy
his symbol is the ... of Horuseasy
isis's husband is easy
Gods are usually depicted wearing ... Above their headsEasy
he is the lord of the ...easy
Thoth's animaleasy
the sky and the ground are separated bymedium
Horus's contender for the throne ismedium
the heart of the dead is weighed against a ...medium
Ra's second cat godmedium
How many forms does ra haveMedium
When ra list his children he sent ... To search for themMedium
god of burialmedium
Ra's first child was born from his medium
khepri has the head of a medium
maat ismedium
the crocodile godhard
the hippo godhard
protecter of the pregnanthard
Thoth bet againsthard
when Ra was angry with humans he unleashedhard
wife of shuhard

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