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Largest US City and the State in which it is located.
Popular 80s and 90s band with several number one hits including 'Hungry like the Wolf'.
Nickname of a famous golfer from Puerto Rico whose career spanned from the 60s into the early 90s, or a chain of Mexican Restaurants which closed in 2004 after a Hepatitis outbreak
Capital city and small country Country on the Mediterranean Coast otherwise completely surrounded by France.
The first name of the famed actor and second Gabor sister.
Robert F. Kennedy's Assassin.
One of the most Densely populated countries in the world, along with its capital city, located on an island off the South coast of the Malay Peninsula near Malaysia and Indonesia
Dance Style done by kick lines of women in French Style dresses.
Name of a popular GPS Manufacturer.
Popular 60s rock song by Richard Berry which is titled by this male name.
Don Ameche's last film, it starred Whoopi Goldberg,
1997 comedy film starring Jim Carrey, who plays a lawyer.
Casino on the North end of the Las Vegas strip which features a carnival theme.
Basketball player who moved from Sudan as a child and played for the University of Wisconsin in the late 1990s.
Son of Barney and Betty Rubble in the Flintstones.
Comedian and Actor known by his first name, hosted BET's ComicView for two years and is the spokesman for Popeye's Chicken and Biscuits.
The words spoken by Little Ceasar's animated mascot in commercials.
Two word phrase used as slang to describe good looks or attractiveness.
Popular Snack food made by Hostess which are made of chocolate cake with creme spiraled in the middle, all covered in a layer of chocolate. Also what Santa might say.
US pharmaceutical company who owns the Band Aid name brand and the Tylenol company.

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