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QUIZ: Can you name the Hunger Games Trivia?

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Who wrote this book?
Who is the main character?
How old is she at the beginning of the Hunger Games?
How many people (alive) in her family (including herself)?
Actress who plays Katniss
Best Friend/Hunting Partner
Nickname for Katniss
Just remember, stealing is punishable by ?
District 12 escort?
District 12 mentor?
Girl name drawn from reaping?
Boy Tribute?
May the ? be ever in your favour.
Katniss' first ally?
What does (answer to #16) point out to Katniss?
Who kills her ally?
Who spares Katniss' life?
Who does (answer to #19) kill?
Who is the last to be killed in the 74th Hunger Games?
How is he killed?
Who is the interviewer?
Who announces the feast?
What is Katniss' favourite food?
What is Katniss' favourite colour?
What is her mother?
What song did Katniss and her father used to sing?
How did her father die?
What does Peeta pick for Katniss?

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