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My Chariot Wheels trample the Fallen Cut, to pieces before my Steeds, And laying in their own blood 
I split open your Eyes for you I open your mouth for you With the Adze of Iron Which split open the mouths of the Gods The Iron which issueth from Set 
Now I ride with the undead Across the night-sky And play by day Amongst the catacombs of Nephren-Ka 
The scourge of Amalek is upon you, The seed of Amu hath oppressed you 
Open the Gate that I may enter, open, lest I break down the walls 
The Gods Which Sprang from the Drops of Blood, which Dripped From The Phallus of Set, that I might be Reborn 
They utterly and completely Annihilate Me I can hear the Howling of the Jinn Echoing in the mountains of Kaf 
Bau Terror of the Living Angry Spirits of the Condemned Dead I Write thy Name I Burn Thy Name In Flames 
My World So Long Forgotten Did Disown Me 
He Hath gorged on their Unuttered Sacred Words He Hath Assimilated the Wisdom of the Gods His Existence is Everlasting 
I Dream of the Dead And Their Shades Showeth Me Visions Which No Living Man Can Know 
Through Subterranean Labyrinths of Catacombs We Hath Crawled To Gather in this Dimly Lit Hall Of Colossal Proportion 
Thou Art Decimated by Their Violence Thou Fallest Backwards as Thou Retreateth Like unto ApepThe Great Company of Gods Gather in Retribution  
Lord of the Temple of the Mount of Sunrise Open the Way unto the Underworld Cause the Dead to Rise to New Life Bring the Child Horus upon the Throne of Osiris 
In the Violence of Sekhem I am Become Montu God of War in the Two Lands 
Your Evil Deeds Have Turned Against You Your Plottings Have Come upon You Your Abominable Acts 
In Thick Darkness Amid Violent Tempests of Unendurable Cacophony His Serpents Make Offerings unto His Image and Live upon Their Own Fire 
Let the eye of sekhmet Cause their hearts to burst into flames Let carnivorous dogs consume their entrails 
A corpse chosen for resurrection Is cut into parts of convenient size Boiled in clean water Linen strips of mummification are removed 
Then the terrible roar of Sekhmet sounds forth Flee from me humanity though it availeth thee not Hide in the deserts and the mountains 

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