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Can you name the answers for these Buffy trivia questions?

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But let's start out simple and easy: What's the name of the actress that plays Buffy?
And who made the show?
What's the name of Buffy's best friend who's also a witch?
What is the name of the town that the show takes place in?
What was the name of the musical episode?
Wasn't that nice and easy... Well, there'll be no more of that. Who's Mr. Gordo?
Who is last to speak in the show?
How many times was garlic used to kill a vampire?
What's Spike favorite TV show?
What's the name of the deputy mayor?
Who said: 'I didn't jump. I took a tiny step and there conclusions were.'
What DID Xander remember to bring when he went to rescue Jesse instead of a stake?
What was the name of Mr Trick's competition in Homecoming?
Which of the characters that appeared in the opening credits did never die IN ANY WAY during the show (in alphabetical order based on commonly used name)?
Who played Warren's sex... ehhh... 'girlfriend'bot?
Who wrote Tabula Rasa?
What was the name of Buffy's cousin?
Who directed This Year's Girl?
What is the name of the orbs the nerds acquire in Seeing Red?
Where in Ireland was Angel turned into a vampire?
What's the 83rd episode of the show?
What's the name of Buffy's dorm in college?
Which Buffy composer would later go on to score Roland Emmerich movies?
Xander's snoopy dance is first mentioned in which episode?
Which star of The O.C. have a 'blink and you'll miss it' appearance in season 7?
How many cheese slices does the cheese man show us?
During 'The Harsh Light of Day' a track called 'It's over its under' is played. What's the name of the group?
Where in England does Giles take Willow after she tries to destroy the world?
Every single named potential slayer that appeared in the show in alphabetic order (there are 12 of them)
And finally (teeny bit of a trick question maybe): Who is Ben?

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