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Can you name the words that are also anagrammed Roman Numerals?

Featured Mar 28, 2011

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Sometimes it feels like you have 551 jars and not one of these in sight
2002 was a slow year for this actress, Mrs. Rogers
Call me and hang up 557 times and I'll certainly be this
I'm sure this fictional Detective Mackey has commited more than 104 crimes of his own
Many sci-fi directors have an image of what life will look like in 2102. They use cgi to do this to that image
It's not the 9th letter of the Greek alphabet, but maybe it should be
The part of your psyche that thinks it's a good idea to eat 501 M&Ms
After 1101 renditions of Journey songs, the karaoke bar owner finally took this away
Ingest 1004 mg of caffeine and you'll have plenty of this with your vigor
There's a lot more than 511 soldiers posted at this New Jersey Fort
552 years ago, this capital of Timor-Leste was yet to be settled by Europeans
In 1551, the Ottomans captured Tripoli. Some say the weather was this, though the fighting certainly wasn't
With 1501 lamps, no one could describe a house as being this
If you tried hard enough, you might learn this Mayan language in 62 weeks
Do this with 1011 peanuts, raisins, and chocolate morsels and you'll have enough snacks for a month of hikes
All 207 local policemen are fulfilling these duties

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