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Can you name the scrambled Metallica songs with one word that's slightly off?

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A Song About...TitleScrambles
...Injured Guys?ELEIBNGD ENM
...A Defective Product?HET ODOG ATTH IFLDEA
...Finding the Location of Something Mobile?VEEHWRER TI AYM AMRO
...A Court Victory Also Won Against John Oates?NAD TICUSJE ORF LALH
...Lupine Plumbers Laying Pipe?FO LOWF NDA AMNI
...A Gourmand's Mantra?OT IELV SI OT NEDI
...Something Lost?NEGO
...A Room Filled With Copies of 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'?HREEW HTE DWLIE GHTISN REA
...Mounties Who Carry Grain?HET ROFLU SMHREOEN
...Attacking Someone's Rebuffs?ITH EHT GSILTSH
A Song About...TitleScrambles
...A Jeweled Egg?ADEB ESDE
...The Guy Who's Always Falling Behind?LSWO NSAM RLCYI
...Patchwork to Fix a String?ETH EMDN FO HET NLIE
...Eagerly Joining a Renaissance Festival?PJMU NI EHT IFRAE
...An Item With a Gambling Problem?ETH GTINH ATTH SUDLHO ONT ETB
...An Unfortunately Mangled NY Baseballer?ORPO SDWITET ETM
...A Fugitive?PESECAE
...A Slowly Increasing Scarcity?CPIRENGE RAHTED
...Beatifying Your Female Canine?ITSNA YM CBHTI
...The Only Item That Provides a Short Introduction on a Subject?*BONUS!*

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