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Can you name the words with X as the second letter but not E as the first letter?

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A bovine beast of burden, and that's no yoke
A bladed instrument used for cleaving
Of or pertaining to a wife
A truth so true it needs no proof
A dark brownish-red color, favorite of cow vampires everywhere
The 8th element, a real breath of fresh air
For René Descartes, it could be X, Y or Z
A city in England, the university located there, the dictionaries in the library, and perhaps the shoes worn by professors
An ancient ruined city of the Maya civilization on the Yucatan peninsula
New classic, living dead, virtual reality, military intelligence, original copy, deafening silence, business ethics, etc.
A word with the stress on the last syllable
A shaft for wheels
A semi-synthetic opioid medication used as an alternative to morphine and codeine
A triangle with three acute angles
Igpay atinlay orfay oppingstay

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