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Can you name the scrambled Led Zeppelin songs with one word that's slightly off?

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A Song About...TitleScrambles
...A Boxing Match in the Kitchen?TUBO NO HET SLEIT
...Repeated Wailing Toward the Moon?WOHL AMYN REMO SMITE
...Blaming it All on the Pine Tree State?BNSOODY FTUAL TUB IMAEN
...A Clean 'Split' to End a Relationship?EBBA MI NANGO VCAEEL OUY
...Applying Pen to Bulb?KIN ETH GLTIH
...Motivational Speech on Controlling Your Destiny?MFRO UYRO FILE
...A Reaction to Larry or Curly after a Fight?OYU HOSKO EMO
...QB Flutie Running a Fever?OHT GUDO
...The War Begun By Poe's Raven?HET TLAEBT FO RRMEEENVO
...Finding Some Sediment With An Ogre?CKRO NAD LORLT
A Song About...TitleScrambles
...The Possibility of Romance For Everyone?LAL YMA ELVO
...Fog Rolling Over the People of Black Mesa?YMTIS TMAOINNU PHOI
...Withholding a Beverage?ATE ORF NEON
...An Ambition to Doodle?MI NOGAN CSLWAR
...Reminiscing on a Satisfying Life Without Hair?ODOG SMITE LDAB EMITS
...A Demon Wandering Across Honshu?BAMREL ION
...A Man Recovering the Ring He Dropped in the Sink?OFLO NI ETH ARIND
...Entering Your Twenties?ETNE ARSYE ENGO
...Slipping on a Dark Ridge?*BONUS!*

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