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Can you name the clients Harvey Birdman represented?

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DefendantCase dismissed when the plaintiff is revealed to be a body double
PlaintiffNot guilty, plaintiff regained powers
DefendantNot shown, presumably innocent after the discovery of Old Man Bakov
DefendantNot guilty, later killed by Birdman
PlaintiffGuilty of copyright infringement
DefendantNot shown, presumably not guilty due to multiple personality disorder
DefendantNot guilty of vehicular assault
DefendantGuilty of public indecency
PlaintiffNot guilty of wrongful termination
DefendantDefendant liable for plaintiff's injuries, must allow plaintiff to ride his bike and his lady
DefendantNot guilty, defendant's actions caused by improper use of remote control
PlaintiffNot shown, presumably Birdman dropped as counsel after the intervention
PlaintiffNot guilty of ruining the world, OJ Simpson verdict found but not read
DefendantGuilty of steroid use, sentenced to community service
DefendantGuilty, must undergo aggressiveness training
PlaintiffPlaintiff ordered to court-approved clinic for chemical castration (pending appeal)
DefendantNot guilty of malpractice
DefendantNot guilty of carrying a concealed weapon
DefendantGuilty of operating a boat, a shotgun, and a six pack in protected waters
DefendantGuilty, sentenced to take ritalin (ruling later overturned)
DefendantCase dismissed when it is discovered the defendant works for the US Government
DefendantDivorce not granted, ordered to marriage counseling
PlaintiffIn favor of the defense, ruled that the plaintiff does not exist and his son must wear a disclaimer sticker
PlaintiffNone, gorilla returned during trial
PlaintiffCase dismissed, ruled not a constitutional issue
DefendantGuilty of bookmaking and running an illegal gambling facility
PlaintiffNot shown, trial interrupted by the Deadly Duplicator
DefendantNone, plaintiff imprisoned in vase
DefendantGuilty, sentenced to be plugged so he stops secreting radioactive waste
DefendantMistrial due to ineligible jurors

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