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Part 1
Length x Width 
Structure often built by beavers 
Home for bees 
Quote Part 1 (4 words) 
Part 2
Small spiny animal named after the Greek 'mother of all monsters' 
Reptile of the order Testudines, sometimes found in mutant ninja form 
A state of frugality or stinginess. Add a 'y' on the end and get a Rental Car company 
Unsinkable Ms. Brown 
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Part 3
A being not of this Earth 
Formerly amorous toward 
Crafty or cunning. Also the evil Dr. in the Megaman series 
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Part 4
A type of crown often worn by princesses, and beauty contest competitors 
to snivel or complain, possibly with some cheese 
Element with atomic number 10. Second of the noble gases 
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Part 5
A reddish purple fruit that is the main ingredient in Borscht 
A decorative plant with poisonous berries often used in Christmas wreaths 
What Arnold Schwarzenegger was to Danny DeVito in a 1988 comedy 
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Part 6
Another name for a bowler hat or a horse race in Kent 
Noisily expelled air from the lungs, hopefully not in anyone's face 
To jar or shake. Also a heavily caffeinated cola 
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Part 7
Sharp tool used for cutting food 
17th letter of the Greek alphabet 
To place one's bottom in a chair 
Quote Part 7 (3 words) 
Part 8
An activity or interest pursued for pleasure and not as an occupation 
One one-hundredth of a dollar 
Roman numeral X 
Boy king of Egypt 
Quote Part 8 (4 words) 
Part 9
Measure of a diamonds worth, along with color, cut, and clarity 
Mass x Acceleration 
Shakespearean way of saying 'to this place', as in 'come ___' 
Quote Part 9 (3 words) 
An oral disagreement or debate 
The handle of a sword 
A place used for ice skating 
Speaker of the quote 
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