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Can you name the organisms named after people and the ones that are made up?

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AnimalR or FNotes
Anophthalmus hitleriBeetle: named in 1933 in honor of Adolph Hitler who had recently become Chancellor
Adamantisaurus deliverusDinosaur: named for Adam Ant and his song Stand and Deliver
Arcticalymene rotteniTrilobite: named for Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols
Delphinapterus melvilleusWhale: its distinctive white color resembles Moby Dick
Nautilus julesverniCephalopod: Nautilus was the name of the submarine in Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Bagheera kiplingiSpider: named after Rudyard Kipling and Bagheera - the black panther in Jungle Book
Confuciusornis sanctusBird: dates back to Cretaceous China, and its name translates to 'holy bird of Confucius'
Felis HanksaeCat: named for Tom Hanks because the namer's favorite movie was Forrest Gump
Vulpes rommeliFox: discovered in the Sahara desert and named for Erwin Rommel (the 'Desert Fox')
Preseucoila imallshookupisWasp: named in honor of Elvis Presley
AnimalR or FNotes
Phialella zappaiJellyfish: the namer wanted to meet Frank Zappa
Spongiforma squarepantsiiFungus: the name was originally rejected for being 'frivolous'
Strigiphilus garylarsoniLouse: named for Gary Larson in honor of his contributions to biology through The Far Side
Coenobita rooseveltiCrab: named in 1942 to commemorate Franklin Roosevelt's third term as president
Agra schwarzeneggeriBeetle: has highly developed legs that resemble biceps
Arctodus colbertiBear: named for TV personality Stephen Colbert
Draculoides bramstokeriArachnid: named for its fang-like pincers
Sciurus churchilliSquirrel: named by a team of scientists at Oxford - located in the same county where Winston Churchill was born
Peropteryx westisBat: named for Adam West who played Batman
Macrovipera cleopatraeSnake: named for Cleopatra who supposedly committed suicide using a snake

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