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HintAnswerextra info
Young boy who flee home to become a knight
Named after a flower
Sick child
Has been adopted by a strathan family
New king of Windor
Party member and one of the leader in the Fendel ancient rebellion
Amarcian that loves bananas
Lord of Lhant in the prologue
Mother of the main character
Butler of the main character's family
Lhant officer
Stratha officer who moved to Lhant
Adoptive father of the main character's brother
Leader of Fendel
One of the leader in the Fendel ancient rebellion
HintAnswerextra info
Amarcian messenger
Amarcian elder
Sister of the amarcian genius
Fodran scientist who once used a wheelchair
Main villain
Duke of Gralesyde
Major at the knight academy
Fodran protector
Fodran scientist who took care of the main villain
Uncle of Windor's new king
Humanoid who showed you Telos Astue
Leader of the Terma ten
Champion on top of Warrior's Roost*
One of the Terma ten from another world*
One of the Terma ten from another world*

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