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In the episode 'Future Echoes' what are Lister's sons called?
What show is Kryten watching at the beginning of the episode 'Kryten'?
What is the nickname for the hallucinogenic mushroom 'Titan Mushrooms'?
What injury does Lister acquire when he goes through the time hole in 'Backwards'?
In 'Backwards' what is the name of Rimmer and Kryten's novelty act?
Name an emotion that is taken from the crew in 'Polymorph'...
What did Fred 'Thickie' Holden invent in 'Timeslides'?
What does Lister give Kryten as a present in 'The Last Day'?
In 'The Last Day' what is in Holly's special android home brew?
What is the episode 'Camille' a parody of?
At the start of 'Justice' what illness does Lister have?
In 'Justice' who did the crew originally believe the pod contained?
What is Kryten repairing at the beginning of 'White Hole'?
What do the crew use as a battering ram in 'White Hole'?
In 'Meltdown' who do Lister and Cat escape from jail with?
In 'Holoship' what is the name of the Holoship?
What is the Captain of the Holoship's name?
According to Kryten, how many stanzas are there in the Space Corp Anthem?
What is the penguin puppet called in 'Quarantine'
In 'Back to Reality' what is Cat's 'real' identity?
What is the name of the GELF tribe the crew bargain with in 'Emohawk: Polymorph II'
In 'Out of Time' all that remains of future Lister is what major organ?
In 'Stoke me a clipper' when Lister goes into Camelot, what does he call himself?
In 'Duct Soup', what food does Kochanski miss most?
What does Kochanski hit Kryten with at the end of 'Duct Soup'?
What is the name of the abandoned ship where the crew find the frozen remains of Caroline Carmen?
In the episode 'Pete: Part I' what is written on the Time Wand?
How old is 'Pete'?
What is the name of the lone survivor from the pod, who goes to visit Captain Hollister at the beggining of 'Only the Good'?
At the end of 'Only the Good' What appears after 'THE END'?
When was 'Back to Earth' first broadcast? (Year)
When will 'Series X' be broadcast? (Year)
When was Red Dwarf first broadcast?
What moon was Rimmer brought up on?
What city was Lister brought up in?
What ship was Kryten rescued from?
Who did Holly fall in love with in 'Parallel Universe'?
What colour was Cats suit the first time we saw him?
Finish the Quote: 'He aint heavy sir, he's my ..........'
Finish the Quote: Rimmer: 'I'm sitting here wearing a red and white checked gingham dress and ....... ........ and you think that's un-amiss?'

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