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Can you name the Starship Character who said this First Line?

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Forced Order
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QuoteCharacterExtra Info
'Alright boys and girls.'
'MMM, my decision - nourishment!'
'Yes Lieutenant?'
'Hey, you maggots, what's the rush?'
'That's right, the mosquito brothers!'
'Yeah! Captains Log, Hit the meteor shower K90X!'
'Please state a command for me to service you.'
'Yes, yes, yes, all bugs shall rise and keep buzzing to a minimum for the hounorable, the beautiful and the terrible overqueen!'
QuoteCharacterExtra Info
'BUG! Bug? Bug...? Are you in here?'
'Mission log, ******************** of the Galactic League Starship Ranger Corp.'
'Woah! Hey, Taz, you're pretty tough for a chick!'
'Wooooooooow. Excuse me little girl, I'm new, and I was just wondering, what's this?'
'Alright people, you heard it! This is a rescue mission!'
'Woah, hey there gang, thank Dead God I caught you before drop down!'
'Mammals! We've got mammals, coming through!'
'Ugh, ugh, Hey Bug!'
'Do my eyes deceive me?!'

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