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What are the first names of the Lang brothers?
What are the names of the Mosquito brothers?
The sixth horcrux in A Very Potter Musical is...?
Which band performs 'Play a Riff On My Heartstrings'?
Who is a spy?
Who is perfect, Southern, and did nothing wrong?
Which Starkid is now on Glee?
What was Snape's school time nickname?
What is Harry Potter's favourite drink?
When Harry and Quirrell sing 'Missing You', who is harry singing about?
Who's 'Tall, fun and skinny'?
Who plays Sally's Heart?
What was the name of the centaur played by Jim Povolo in AVPS?
Who is Draco Malfoy's real father?
With what does Ron stupefy Peter Pettigrew?
Who's the coach of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team?
Acording to the Dursleys, who gave Harry his scar?
In 'Starship' what is Junior's daddy called?
What is the name of Bug's hopeless romantic best friend?
What is Tootsy Noodle's name by the end of Starship?

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