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What is Coin's first name?
Who says 'I'm still betting on you' throughout the trilogy?
What is the name of District 12's butcher?
Name one thing that Katniss finds in her backpack from the Cornucopia:
What colour is Effie Trinket's hair for the Victory Tour?
Name one of the women from District 8 who Katniss meets in the woods:
To everyone's surprise, who is the first person Katniss hugs after the 74th Hunger Games?
What is the name of the cattle expert that Katniss meets in District 13?
What sweets does Katniss buy after jumping over the District 12 electric fence in Catching Fire?
What year was 'The Hunger Games' first published?
How many tributes were sent to compete in the 50th Hunger Games?
What is Madge's Aunt's name?
What is the name of the ceremony where the Tributes' names are chosen?
Who was the first to grab their backpack at the feast?
What is Haymitch's nickname for Katniss?
What is the day called when the Victor's district is delivered food each month?
What does 'Panem' actually translate to?
What is the name of the Victor in change of the rebellion in District 2?
Was Boggs' child male or female?
How many tributes survive the 75th Hunger Games?
Who was the first Career Tribute to die in the 75th Hunger Games?
What colour are Cinna's eyes?
What is District 7's industry?
What precious rock is Katniss' wedding dress decorated with?
What is the general term for the genetically enhanced species of Panem?
What does Clove unwittingly give Katniss at the Bloodbath?
How brothers does Peeta have?
What was the name of the only mentioned tribute-turned-cannibal?
What do Finnick and Annie touch each other's lips with during their wedding vows?
Where are the 'morphlings' from?
What are the colour of the flowers inlaid in Fulvia Cardew's cheeks?
Name one of Gale's siblings:
What is the first station Katniss and Peeta visit during the training period? (74th Hunger Games)
What colour were the flecks in Leeg 1's eyes?
How many tributes are killed in the bloodbath of the 75th Hunger Games?
What colour where Foxface's eyes?
With what does Katniss disguise the flavour of fleeping syrup with when she drugs Peeta?
What one word does Katniss shout when the tributes are told that there can be 2 victors if they are from the same district?
What does Thresh call Katniss at the feast?
Who was the first person Katniss killed with her bow?

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