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Forced Order
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QuoteMissing Words (IN ORDER)Character/Production
'Can you tell me how ---- ends?'
'Downloading new -------. Download complete. This emotion was downloaded from the Interwebs and may contain -------, are you sure you wish to open it?'
'Kevin's ------ Place.'
'I'll be in the ------- room painting a picture of the ------ looks on your -----...'
'I'm in a ----!!!'
'Really Sami, this school has enough ----- as it is without one that's as --------- ---------- as Reese's Pieces.'
'Hey -----, wanna come and look at the full moon with me? HAHA, ------.'
'Drop the attitude, Harry Potter. You are acting like -------- on a ------.'
'And ----- was his name-o'
'I wanna have --------- ----- with you!'
'I'm -------, like the -----, but a ------!'
'Die, -----!'
'My ---------- readings are off the wazoo!'
'That's probably because our ------ are ------- a ----- to a song in 4/4 time!'
'Lets go watch ------- of ------- -----!'
'Sami's her own kind of -------.'
'Pigfarts, Pigfarts here I ----! Pigfarts, Pigfarts --- --- ---!'
'I want Hermione Granger! And a ----------.'
'I pee pee like a --- --- --- damn it!'
'If you don't go out there and die for ---------, I will kill you for -------.'
'If you're good ---------- lets you ride around on his ----!'
'One more ------- like that and I'm going to wrap you up in a -------- then eat you as a -----, maybe with some pico de gallo!'
'I baked us all ------- ----- cookies!'
'Hufflepuffs are particularly good -------!'
'We're an ----------- force! Like Batman and Robin. Or -------- and his dick!'
'You think ------- people might make them ---- you but it doesn't, it just makes them ----!'
'That's -----'s mom!'
'Take a walk of my -----.'
'--------: What the hell can't they do?'
'OH ----- RULES!!'
'I'm not -------!'
'AAHHHH! ------!!'
'Dolores! Put down that ----------! Throw out that ------! Get on up girl, get up!'
'Hey, --- and ----, what happened, you escape from the --- again?'
'You're a -----. Joey you look at me when you're ------, YOU'RE A FATT
'Let ------- show that I'm ----- ahead of schedule.'
'Umm, Joey? I'm sorry Vanessa didn't want to ----- you.'
'--------- out, bitches!'

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