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What is the first name of Trouble Kelp's brother?
What item did Artemis, Butler and Juliet use to escape the blue rinse?
How old is Artemis at the beginning of the series?
In 'The Arctic Incident' what was the name of Artemis' Councillor?
What was the name of the doorman in the Hotel where Mulch lived?
What is Butler's first name?
What is the name of the device which Jon Spiro steals from Artemis?
In which city is Jon Spiro's head-quarters based?
Who is the Goddaughter of Spatz Antonelli?
Who is the Doctor who looks after Opal Koboi?
What was Artemis' undercover name at the bank?
How many Wonders of The World did there used to be?
What was Opal's Pseudonym?
In which Spanish city does 'The Lost Colony' start?
What colour is Vinyaya's hair when she stops dying it?
Caballine is the name of Foaly's girlfriend. What do they do together?
Name one of Artemis' twin brothers...
What disease does Artemis' mother have throughout 'The Time Paradox'?
What was Artemis attacked by in the zoo?
What is Artemis' 'BAD' number?
Who is the 'Jade Princess'?
Which type of Fairy has natural wings?
What colour is Holly's hair?
In 'The Seventh Dwarf' who is the Seventh Dwarf?
Which month was Artemis born in?

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