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In a blaring of bugles, the Calvary rode to the rescue.
You can now buy a ride into outer space, but the fair is exorbitant.
He was adverse to team sports, preferring solo competitions.
We must liberate the populous from the tyrannical dictator.
The bell of the ball looked devilish in her black satin gown.
Ever sense the hijacking, she refuses to board planes.
A noxious scent began defusing through the ventilation system.
There are no inherit differences between races, only cultural ones.
I cannot discern the rational behind the new protocols.
Salad was traditionally a palette cleanser eaten just before dessert.
He confessed because the felony was preying upon his conscious.
I council you to keep your eyes peeled and your mouth zipped.
Overuse of pesticides had a deleterious affect on eagle eggs.
The principle factor in my deliberations must be my family's health.
Regrettably, the deceased monarch did not leave behind any airs.
I will only tell you my secret if you promise to be discrete.
This wine is the perfect compliment for fish such as perch or bass.
She awaited his next advance with baited breath.
The film's climatic moment came just minutes before the end.
The husband's diamond cuff links matched his wife's broach.

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