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Can you name the Famous Recurring Characters in these famous Comedies?

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TV ShowCharacterDescription
SeinfeldGeorges Fiance (deceased)
FriendsRoss' Lesbian Ex
The Office (US)Michaels Rude 'Best Friend'
The SimpsonsMaggies Arch Nemesis
Malcolm in the MiddleLois' Co-Worker at Lucky Aide
M*A*S*HPsychiatrist Doctor
Two and a half MenCharlie's and Alan's psychiatrist
Family GuyIf you Touch his Bones you die
South ParkStan's girlfriend and Bebe's best friend
FuturamaIn-charge of Hell
TV ShowCharacterDescription
SeinfeldJerry's Uncle
FriendsEngaged to Phoebe Buffay
The Office (US)Was the CFO of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company
The Simpsonsalways surrounded by a large number of cats
Malcolm in the MiddleThe strict and hard-nosed military veteran in charge of the cadets at Marlin Academy
M*A*S*HAn Asian American Nurse
Two and a half MenJudith's husband and Jake's stepfather.
Family GuyLived in the Chris' Closet
South ParkA Biblical Figure that Hosts a talk show
FuturamaThe Planet Express Janitor

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