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Can you name the Can you name the characeters in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2? ?

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What? Who?
Main Charcter
Main Friend
Smary-Pants Brown haired girl
The Spy for Albus
Played by Suzie Toase
Played by Ralph Ineson
Deputy Headmisstress
Played by Jim Broadbent
A small teacher
Teaches Herbology
The Gamekeeper
Played by Emma Thomson
Played by Hazel Showham
Nurse at Hogwarts
Played by Pauline Stone
Werewolf in the Order
Played by Natalia Tena
Scratched by Fenrir Greyback
Was entered in Goblet of Fire
Kills Bellatrix
Played by Mark Williams
A black Wizard
What? Who?
Sent Dobby to rescue Harry
Played by David Ryall
Evil Tom
Killed Sirius Black
Malfoy's father
Lucius's Wife
Evil blondey
Played by Rod Hunt
Played by Peter Mullan
Played by Arben Bajraktaraj
Nasty Werewolf
Played by Nick Moran
Minister for Magic
Weasley who works at Ministry
Played by Bonnie Wright
Very Loony
Who kills Nagini
Played by Devon Murray
Played by Alfie Enoch
Killed by Fenrir Greyback
Twins seperated by there House
Draco's friend
Played by Joshua Herdman
What? Who?
Draco's 'girlfriend'
Played by Anna Shaffer
Played by Isabella Laughland
Played by Jamie Marks
Chinease girl
Georgina Leonidas
Played by Freddie Stroma
Neville's grandma
Played by Sean Biggerstaff
Dumbledore's sister
Played by Adrian Rawles
Played by Geraldine Somerville
Played by Gary Oldman
Played by Michael Gambon
Played by Kelly Macdonald
Played by Shirley Henderson
Add Grip+hook
Played by Mike Edmonds
Played by Harry Taylor
Played by Uno
Maximus, Alanis and Cornilus
Played by David Bradley

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