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Queen - Are you prepared? Are you prepared for what is about to transpire? Has your body shifted to the borders of your sitting area?
The Police - Her agreeable acquaintances are experiencing jealousy; you have prior knowledge of the cruelty young women can impart
Cream - Considering the times that you have resided in the interior of my automobile, considering that I may have taken you too great a distance
The Who - I assumed that I was the ruling monarch of the Bally Table, but I have been succeeded by another
The Doors - A murderer lurks on the highway, his mental organ is oscillating like a member of the order Anura
Black Sabbath - Is he living or has he passed away? Does he have higher mental functions?
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Resigned from a prestigious position in an urban area, expending my effort to further the goals of authority every rotation of the Earth
Supertramp - Moments occur when the entirety of humankind is unconscious, the queries are more complicated than a simplistic male such as myself can respond to
Pink Floyd - Bored with laying your body in the photons that the Sun emits, remaining in your dwelling to observe precipitation
Fleetwood Mac - If in this moment you do not feel attracted to me, you shall not feel attracted to me in the future
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Now the Watergate scandal has no effect on my temperament; does your conscience provide an annoyance to you?
The Beatles - Let me explain to you our situation - 5% of the total belongs to you, whereas I will retain the remainder
Steely Dan - It is one of my greatest wants to tour the American South in a nomadic group of minstrels
Def Leppard - Acquire a container of liquid, mix the contents by rapidly moving it; demolish the air pocket, demolish it completely
Boston - I grasp why a person would be indecisive, but it matters little to me if I am not entirely successful
Tom Petty - She came of age in a settlement located in Indiana, and had an attractive maternal figure who was constantly away from her dwelling
Grand Funk Railroad - We are arriving in your settlement, we will assist you in debauchery
Genesis - I could exit but I have decided against it, though my cardiological organ advises that I should
The Kinks - See, do not emancipate me, I wish to be permanently adjacent to you
The Clash - By Muhammad's divine order, we prohibit boogie music and all boogie music related activities

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