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A teenage boy sees his mother and her boyfriend attacking a priest; the boyfriend and priest end up dead and the family escapes to Tennessee
A man challenges authority but is eventually defeated
A group of musically-talented children begin to busk and request a mere nickel for their service
A former ruler laments his fall from power after his kingdom was seized by revolutionaries
A man is obsessed with a romantic interest to the point of stalking her despite the fact that she has refused his advances
Lucifer descends into Atlanta and challenges a boy to a fiddling contest for his soul
A man knows several people who use abnormal substances for a variety of activities
A weed-smoking, dalmation-owning guitarist's defining possession is lovin'
A man suffers from increasingly unfortunate occurrences, but remains joyful throughout
A man with enchanted eyesight uses his powers to catch his girlfriend cheating on him
A group of people board a transoceanic train in Colombia, heading for Southeast Asia
Television completely overtakes radio as America's primary method of listening to music
A young man dreams of being a big star in a big city, after growing up in a rural village
A man spends his days atop a mound, and while the passerby assume he is unintelligent, the opposite is true
A fugitive, after years of evading the authorities is finally captured and sentenced to death
A man encounters three people during the course of his day that have turned to illegal enterprise to make their way in the world
A man falls in love with a woman, sees her with another man, and is consumed by jealousy
A father and his son gamble away their fortune at a gambling house in Louisiana
A mother advises her son to be an easygoing person and to follow his dreams
A racer continues driving long after his race concluded

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