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QUIZ: Can you name the original film based on a description of the Disney remake?

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Disney RemakeOriginal Film
Belle interviews an imprisoned monster in her hopes of tracking down serial killer Buffalo Bill
Peter decides to stop hunting wolves and opens a ghost-hunting business out of a firehouse
Aladar and his friends are brought back to life when an eccentric CEO opens a new theme park
Wendy and the lost boys journey through a series of tunnels to find the long lost treasure of One-Eyed Willy
Stuck within the confines of Notre Dame, Quasimodo witnesses a murder in the apartment across the street
When Alice wakes up, she finds that Wonderland was just a dream within a dream
After waking up from a coma, Mulan vows revenge against the squad who killed her fiance in a wedding chapel massacre
To see how miserable everyone would be, Kuzco wishes to see what the world would be like if he were never born
Unaware that her fame is long-forgotten, former film star Cruella De Vil tells a screenwriter that her Hollywood comeback is on the horizon
In his latest sci-fi adventure, Lewis Robinson accidentally goes on a date with his future mother
Disney RemakeOriginal Film
Opera composer Sebastian obsesses over Flounder's success when the fish proves to be a musical genius
To escape Chicago gangsters, Donald and Goofy dress in drag and join an all-women's jazz band
Basil of Baker Street is on the case when Professor Ratigan shows great interest in obtaining a statue of a black bird
Tiana blogs her attempts to recreate Julia Child recipes
Robin Hood disguises himself as the Dread Pirate Roberts and inconceivably saves Maid Marian from three other outlaws
The wizard Merlin convinces Wart to go on an adventure with Grumpy, Doc, and some other dwarfs
Timon convinces Simba to produce a Broadway show that's destined to fail: Springtime for Scar!
Stitch terrorizes the crew of the Nostromo by hugging their faces
Rapunzel stars in this musical protesting the Vietnam War
Young sisters Elsa and Anna move to a new home in Japan where they encounter a large, cuddly forest spirit who lives in the backyard

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