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DescriptionsCharacterInformation put in odd terms.
Who's the leader of the club?The new version of the T.V. show with this song starred people like Britney Spears.
Who wants to be leader?If you know the song, who keeps interrupting?
She wears a polka-dotted dress.NOT APPLE BOTTOM JEANS AND BOOTS WITH THE FUR!
The other duck.Name a flower, go on, name one!
He always acts silly, it's in the name!One of the two dogs.
The only one of the fab five to be on all fours.Otherwise known as the first dog.
He is a big mean one, and fat too!He IS a Cat, and Mickey's first foe!
The first princess to be introduced.She is surrounded by little people by PC terms.
He has no strings to hold HIM down.To make him fret, or make him frown...
He's stuffed with fluff!He loves Hunny too!
DescriptionsCharacterInformation put in odd terms.
A little robot left behind on Earth (Pixar).He dreams of a world out there, a world outside of yonkers.
Poor little guy that has to fly to be cute!He IS an elephant, now that is talent.
She was originally only able to have one emotion at a time for her tiny body.But of course modern culture 'fixed' that.
His mother is so famous for dying!It most be a great joke to each guy who eats venison.
This girl falls down holes and chases rabbits.Beware the smoke from the Caterpillar.
This girl likes the world above, and dislikes the sea.Talking fish? Preposterous! Let me comb my hair with my dinglehopper.
You ain't never had a friend like him!Oh, and um, mind making a wish for me?
She just cannot hold onto her shoes...And she talks to mice. This calls for a straitjacket.
Oh it's a jolly holiday with this woman.Be careful, she likes to give sugar and medicine at the same time!
This woman knows someone from once upon a dream.This equals stranger danger kids.

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