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Who am ICharacterMovie
I'm a pachyderm who's afraid of a lot of things, but when my bald ape friend needed help, I was there to save the day.
I work hard with my sparrow friend Dinky trying to catch food. I also sound like Tigger.
I'm a powerful slave who can do almost anything. I also have very good Rodney Dangerfield and Jack Nicholson impressions.
I'm a Cajun insect whose girl is out of this world. Too bad I died trying to save the day.
My brother and I are always quarreling. But what do you expect we're like Canadian Moose *eh. (Either one)
I'm a muscle bound man who is fluent in squirrel and a good cook. I just get confused when the two sides of my shoulders argue.
I'm a reptilian guardian. Whose buggy sidekick is lucky to have me as a friend.
I don't know why I still have my job. The other pirates throw darts at me and try to stab me in my gut. At least I please the Captain.
I may be old and in denial about loosing my sense of smell. But I always remember what my Ol' Reliable used to say....Doggone I forgot what he used to say.
When I'm not identifying dingelhoppers for my aquatic friend, I'm serenading the air with my beautiful singing voice.
I dont know if I can talk, I've never tried. I enjoy living in a small house with my companions and a pretty housekeeper.
I enjoy following my canine hero around. I'm also master of stealth, because that is how I roll.
I have a very short memory, but as long as I keep swimming I'll be just fine.
In my gang I work with the electronics and try not to get BBQ'ed. I had a chance to be with my love but she wanted to groom me. The horror!
My form of communication is mostly laughter, and I'm one of the few in this movie that doesn't have a Swahili name.
Who am ICharacterMovie
My stone heart longs for a goat. And my name is also the last name of the author of the novel this movie is based on. Is it ringing any bells?
I often dress as a woman to not draw attention. It's my job to make sure earth is not destroyed, because the end of earth means the end of mosquitoes.
As my rodent friends were doing what they do best. I had to stay and babysit a bunch of eaglets. No wonder Orville quit this job.
The first stranger I met didn't have any good food. But then I found a bowl full of cherries and I was satisfied. I don't think the barking creature enjoyed my company.
I want to capture that yodeling cow thief so I can be the coolest horse in the West. Not that I'm not that already of course.
Up until people thought I killed someone, I was living the good life with my wife. Who everybody seems to keep a good eye on, I wonder why?
Since I can't talk in the real world, I've become a master of charades. To bad I have to travel around with an air headed prince and his servant Nathaniel.
We work for the master of the underworld. When he gets mad he gets a little heated up, and we are filled with a lot of what we are named. One upside is that we can shape shift.
I shouldn't have a problem getting a girl. I mean, my best friend Aladar got one but it's only because I helped. Even though I'm a lemur I still call my self The Love Monkey.
My master is a great poacher but he yells at me a bunch. I didn't know there was a razorback in his truck.
I'm a short little French man who ended up getting beat by appliances all because my friend couldn't get the girl he wanted.
I may not be a well known character but I love me some good 'swamp juice'. The results of it are breathtaking.
Even though I can't fly and have a peg leg. I try my hardest not to upset my boss or else I might be cat food. Also don't even think about calling him a rat.
I can't help it if I like to talk. I'm a parrot, and don't even think about giving me a cracker.
I am a good tracker! I try to do the best for my master because I love him! My mission was to SQUIRREL!!!!!!!

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