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Forced Order
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Who is the first character shown on the show?
Who was Regina's First True Love?
What happened to him?
What time was the clock tower frozen at?
Why didn't Emma call the cops when Henry showed up at her apartment?
Why did Emma say the cops would believe this?
What kind of Apple tree does Regina have in her yard?
How old is Henry when he goes to find Emma?
Who is Henry named after?
Who is Henry's biological father?
What is the name of Prince Charming's twin brother?
Whose skeleton do Emma and Killian see as they are looking for the compass?
Question Answer
What's 'unique' about jack?
What does Regina do to try and get rid of her mother?
Where does her mother end up?
What is she known as there?
What happens to Graham?
Who is believed to be in a coffin in Reginas mausoleum?
Who is actually in the coffin?
How many people are able to go through the wardrobe?
What two characters go through the wardrobe and are saved from the curse?
How many people does the blue fairy say the wardrobe can hold?
Why does she say this?
Why is this?

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