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Forced Order
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'Give a Little Whistle, and always let your Conscience be your Guide'
'The Greatest Gift and Honor is having You for a Daughter'
'Fairs are for Tourists Kid'
'Hey Joe, Look! Butch he got a new Girlfriend'
'I said he can stay! That doesn't make him my Son'
'Word has grabbed my Royal Ear, have a banana, That You want to stay in the Jungle'
'Ralph's Gone Turbo?'
'Yeah, If you ever come back, WE'LL KILL YA!'
'She glanced this way, I though I saw, and when we touched She didn't shudder at my Paw'
'Well somebody's having a good time. Like a Kid in a Candy Store'
QuoteMovieWho Said it
'I am not a Prize to be Won!'
'Famed is Thy Beauty majesty, but oh, a Lovelier Maid I see'
'You Idiot! That wasn't Kindness that was cunning, She's a Gypsy, Gypisies aren't capable of Real Love! Think Boy, Think of your Mother!'
'I don't care what They're going to say, Let the Storm rage on'
'Stay out of Trouble you old Seadog'
'Welcome to Nerd School, Nerd'
'Then there's only One Problem left to deal with... How much I'm going to miss Her'
'And so we shall. I told You those Savages couldn't be Trusted. Smith tried to befriend them, and look what they've done to him!'
'Put them Together and what've you got? Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo'
Memo to Me, Memo to Me, Mane you after my Meeting

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