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What year did the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror open in Walt Disney World?
What is the name of the area that Tower of Terror is located in Disney's Hollywood Studios?
What is the name of the manufacturer of the Tower of Terror?
How tall is the Tower of Terror?
How long is the 'biggest' drop?
How fast does it drop?
What type of vehicle do you ride in?
How many vehicles does the WDW version have?
Who hosts the attraction?
What Disney character is the little girl holding a plush toy of in the pre-show?
The cast members working the attraction are called what?
Who provides the voice impersonation of Rod Sterling for the attraction?
What year did the famous Hollywood Tower Hotel get struck by lightning?
On what night did the Hollywood Tower Hotel get struck?
What is the date of inspection on the elevator car?
What is the inspection date referring to?
How many floors does the Hollywood Tower Hotel have?
What game was being played in the lobby at the time the hotel was struck?
How many roof tiles are featured on the building?
Which episode of the Twilight Zone was part of the ride pre-show taken from?
How many people can fit into an elevator car?
What type of technique is used to show the 'ghosts' of the people in the elevator at the time it was struck?

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