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QUIZ: Can you name the facts about the Mamba at Worlds of Fun?

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Forced Order
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How tall is the Mamba?
How big is the drop?
How fast does the Mamba go?
How long is the track?
What is the duration of the ride?
How tall is the second hill?
How many stairs are there on the lift?
How many trains are there?
How many cars are on each train?
How many rows in each car?
How many seats in a row?
What is the total ride capacity?
Name the brakes in order, starting at the station:
What year did Mamba open?
What is the maximum vertical angle?
How many 'G's' do you experience on the ride?
What type of lift hill does the Mamba use?
What type of track layout can you experience on the ride?
Who manufactured the ride?
Who designed the Mamba?
How much did the Mamba cost to build?
What section of Worlds of Fun is the Mamba located in?
How many degrees is the helix?

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