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QUIZ: Can you name the words and names that end in 'io'?

Quiz Updated Oct 7, 2012

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Outdoor lounging area
Cincinnati's state
Iran, the United States and Turkey lead the world in production of this nut
He battles goombas with his brother Luigi
The Yankee Clipper
He grows donkey ears and is swallowed by Monstro but he just wants to be a real boy
Jonas Salk developed an effective vaccine against this disease
1988 Sean Connery film is also a Mexican fortress
Great Lake that shares a name with a Canadian province
Italian chicory, typically served in salads or roasted
Strange or interesting object
Bedroomless apartment
One outcome of a planned strategy
Take a 'Fantastic Voyage' to 'Gangsta's Paradise' with this rapper
Greek Muse, also an advertising award
Vegas casino inspired by a town on Italy's Lake Como
Alger, Hornblower or Caine
A ham may operate this device
Collection of investments
Number one hit for Phil Collins in 1985
Enrique Iglesias' padre
He says ' A plague on both your houses!' in Romeo and Juliet
Bit of cereal or a British send-off
Dirty Harry adversary, named for an astrological sign
Muscular longhair whose image adorned many romance novels.
Latin American neighborhood (or slum)
Texas city noted for its River Walk
Leonardo of 'Inception', 'Titanic' and 'The Departed'

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